Sunday, March 3, 2013

Hurry up, spring

This week I've been itching for spring.  Over here in the northeast, winter seems endless.  I calculated yesterday, and realized (somehow, after 29 years) that winter in Upstate New York lasts for five full months of the year.  Five!  That's almost half!  It's just not right.  As a snow-loving girl, I'd like to imagine that my early-March distaste for winter adds extra emphasis to the pains of a five month long winter.

Running outside surely saves me - without my daily dose of fresh air, and even regular daylight (which I get none of in my windowless office at work), I think I'd be going stir-crazy.  SO, for those also suffering the late-winter blues, here is what I do to get by:

- Dig through summery and other warm-winter photos.  My spirits are boosted when I remember the pleasures of a glass of wine by backyard fires, swimsuited weekends at my family's Cottage, and open windows in my livingroom.  Sigh.

- Rearrange!  Freshening up my bedroom or livingroom kicks a little bit of the winter boredom.

- Find a new blog.  After two and a half years of feeling overstressed and pulled from my passions, I'm trying my best to reconnect with my creative self.   This weekend I scrolled through some older favorites - NieNieDialogues and Never HomeMaker - and found a new inspiration - GreyLikesBaby.